Features of a Dissertation / Dissertation

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Dissertations present a crucial opportunity for learners to express their views regarding a certain topic. However, most learners find it difficult to complete their dissertation due to lack of knowledge on features of dissertations. Most of the clients have performed poorly because of writing poor quality work. Clients should be informed about the features of dissertations so as to encourage learners to write academic papers well.

Many clients think that a dissertation should look like other academic papers. The features of dissertations include all the significant characteristics that should be part of a dissertation. Thus, understanding the features of dissertations enables clients pursuing different courses to perform well. Disciplines have common features of dissertations, but some of the qualities are more relevant to certain fields than others. As one of the most essential features of dissertations, in-depth analysis influences the quality of the paper. The project should address the problem in detail. All sections of the paper should relate to the problem instead of including unrelated sections. The length of the project depends on its contribution to the final grade. The projects can account for 10% of the final grade or 25%.

Clients can approach research in different ways. Research based or inquiry based methods is one of the most prominent features of dissertations. The writer attempts to find something vital about the society, culture or any other aspect. The project can be qualitative or quantitative. The research design used depends on the problem. The writer should use quantitative research design to determine the relationship between different variables. The quantitative method enables the writer to use mathematical methods to show the relationship between the studies concepts. In addition, the qualitative method enables the writer to understand a certain phenomena or behavior deeply. Relevancy is one of the main features of dissertations. The project should be related to the discipline. The project should be drawn from the disciplinary knowledge, literature and skills that learners acquired while pursuing their degree courses. Thus, the project should be relevant to the degree course. Validity is one of the vital features of dissertations. The projects should be informed by a vast range of sources including books, articles and personal experiences. Additionally, the projects should be informed by interviews and experiments. The source used depends on the purpose of the project. This will ensure clients present valid content.

The most fundamental features of dissertations include clarity. The project should have a clear statement indicating its contribution to the area of study. The dissertations should be unique, creative and innovative. It should be different from other projects done before. Hence, the information included in the project should be original. The writer should use multiple sources to ensure then project is distinct. The methodology should be clearly defined and justified. The project should state clearly how the use of the methodology selected helps achieve the objective or purpose of the study. It should be presented clearly so as to communicate the ideas to the suitable audience. A project can have multiple target audience, and so the project should be clear when communicating the content. The content could be tailored to each audience so as to meet their needs. As important features of dissertations, the projects should question the sources used by critiquing them. Thus, clients should ensure the projects include the notable features of dissertation.

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